Tool Calibration Services


If your hydraulic tools are giving inaccurate or inconsistent output, it might be time for an annual checkup.

Over time, wear and tear can cause hydraulic tools to drift from their original settings. This includes common hydraulic tools such as jacks, cylinders, pumps, torque wrenches, and their gauges.

Hydraulic tool calibration is the process of testing those tools for accuracy and reliability so they can function like new again.

At Mac’s Hydraulic, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we offer tool calibration services. We can also provide a Certificate of Conformance on certain tools.


We offer tool calibration services on a variety of hydraulic equipment, such as:

Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibration

Regular calibration verifies that the wrench is producing the correct number of foot pounds. Calibration of torque wrenches results in accurate, safe, and reliable operation. It is crucial for tasks requiring precise torque control. Calibration prevents equipment damage and is necessary for compliance with safety regulations.

Manual Clicker Wrenches

Manual clicker wrench calibration is done to verify that the click indicates the correct value. Checking at three test points, we verify that the click falls within manufacturer specifications. This results in accurate torque application and minimizes the risk of over-tightening.

Hydraulic Gauge Calibration

A hydraulic gauge is the most important accessory within your hydraulic system. It provides a window into your setup that indicates what pressure you are operating at. Gauge calibration is very critical information for safety Reasons and specific applications that require precise pressure to be applied.

certificate of conformance

If you are in need of calibration, you may also be looking for a Certificate of Conformance. A Certificate of Conformance is a sticker that we attach to your equipment. It verifies that your tools meet the necessary industry standards for the job. In other words, a Certificate of Conformance demonstrates that your tools meet necessary performance and safety standards for another year. At Mac’s Hydraulic, our certification service includes the following tools:

Hydraulic Jack

We put hydraulic floor jacks under rigorous testing to ensure they meet safety and performance standards. This testing process involves checking for load capacity, stability, and reliability under varying conditions. With a certificate, your crew can rest assured of the jack’s quality and safety.

Hydraulic Pumps

For hydraulic pumps, conformance certification involves checking efficiency, fluid displacement, pressure handling, and general operational performance against industry standards. This Certificate of Conformance provides confirmation of the pump’s durability and safe operation on the job.

Hydraulic Rams

We test hydraulic rams for their stroke length, pressure capacity, load-bearing ability and general functionality to achieve conformance certification.



A certificate of conformance offers many advantages to your business, such as:

Reliability and Safety

A certificate of conformance from a trusted local supplier demonstrates to your customers and employees that your equipment is reliable and safe to use.

Customer Confidence

Having a Certificate of Conformance can give your customers confidence in your commitment to quality and reliability. This can improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Audit Preparedness

Certificates of Conformance are useful during any audits or regulatory inspections as they demonstrate your adherence to industry standards. Regular calibration records can streamline the process and satisfy inspection requirements.


Hydraulic tool calibration is an essential element in maintaining the effectiveness of your hydraulic equipment. Mac’s Hydraulic in Tulsa, Ok, is not just a leader in hydraulic system sales and repair, but we are committed to offering exceptional calibration service to ensure your hydraulic tools function at their best. This service involves careful adjustment of your tools to enhance precision, minimize deviations and ensure a smooth and reliable operation.

In a world where regulatory compliance and safety are paramount, we are happy to offer a Certificate of Conformance along with our hydraulic tool calibration services. This certification affirms that your tools are operating correctly and meet regulatory standards. It’s not just a piece of paper, it’s reassurance of your tool’s performance and reliability. We are committed to delivering this service with the highest level of professionalism and competence.

Engaging with Mac’s Hydraulics means stepping into a partnership that is bound by our promise of quality, efficiency, and service. The calibration of hydraulic tools is not just a routine service, but an investment in your peace of mind and the longevity of your hydraulic equipment.

Our experienced professionals are committed to the optimal performance of your hydraulic tools for the long haul. Reach out today to schedule your appointment!